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sexta-feira, 7 de julho de 2006

Wilson Phillips*

How many times have I tried to turn this love around?
I dont want to give up
But baby its time I had two feet on the ground
Can you release me?

Now that youre gone I cant help myself from wondering
Oh, if youd have come down from your high
Would weve been all right?
Release me...
Can you release me?

Come on baby, come on baby
You knew it was time to just let go
cause we want to be free
But somehow its just not that easy
Come on darlin, hear me darlin
cause youre a waste of time for me
Im trying to make you see
That baby youve just got to release me

Im not going back to you anymore
Finally my weakened heart is healing though very slow
So stop coming around my door
cause youre not gonna find
What youre looking for

What is this power youve got on me?
What is this power,
What is it,what is it?

* Fazia-me confusão ouvir vozes de meninas num nome tão masculino... Fui perquisar e trata-se de um trio. As duas manas Wilson e a amiga Phillips... Hélas!!


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